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I Just Don't Get It | Dr. Timothy Lawler

I Just Don’t Get It

Yeah, I truly just don’t get it.  This is not going to be one meant for super awesome SEO rankings.  This is just me speaking from the heart on this one.

You see, over the past year, things have really started to take off for me outside of my medical career.  For those that are my close friends and know me well, you all know that I am a Navy physician, flight surgeon to be exact, but then you also know that I do “other things”, aka “crazy Tim Lawler shit”, aka “tons of business scams”, or whatever you want to make up in your mind.

I mean I get it, and I’m always one for taking jabs because Lord knows that I give plenty of them to my fellow peeps.

But at the same time I really don’t get it.

To be perfectly honest, I have been thinking of the BIG picture lately, and when I dream, I go big.

Go big or go home is a motto that I live by.  And if you have been checking out my Facebook profile over the past few months, you may have seen a few pictures from a free cruise that I won from one of my business ventures (I told you that things have been going well).

But this is where I don’t get it.  Many of my friends see this, and they instantly want to criticize.  Again, I know why, and it is 100% because of fear.  But this is where my dream comes into play.

I had a freakin’ blast on that cruise.  It was an AWESOME time, and I was on it with some of my very good friends, friends that I know I will have for a lifetime, and who I become closer and closer with on a daily basis.   And it was so easy to get along with these new friends because we have the same goals, ambitions, and wants.  And then I think to myself…

Why don’t my other friends have these same ambitions?

Yeah, I’m talking about all of my north county peeps, high school friends, college friends, med school friends, and anyone else that I have met along the way.   I mean, how freakin’ awesome would it be to load a freakin’ cruise  boat with 100 of my closest friends (probably many of you reading this because it will be on my Facebook wall), party in suites with endless bottles of champaign, and get massages on the beach while not having a care in the world on a Tuesday.  Yeah, this is EXACTLY what happened on that cruise.

My entire point is….why do you criticize something that has already happened for me, and it is clearly attainable?  Something that you can easily have for yourself?  Again, the answer is simple.


People are scared shitless of losing the “security” of their jobs.  They constantly say, “I wish that I could have a beach house”, or “I wish that I could have that car”, or “I wish, I wish, I wish…”  They say it as if it is a pipe dream.  And for them, and many of my friends from earlier in life….it will always be a pipe dream.

For me and my business friends, it will be a reality.  And then my friends from earlier in life will move on to the next excuse, saying, “oh it’s because he is a physician, and he has the money..”

And then I will respond with the answer “military physicians are some of the lowest paid doctors, and oh, by the way, I’m not practicing medicine anymore.”

And then again, this will induce more criticism.

“But WHAT?!?!? Not practicing medicine anymore?!!  You are nuts!?!”

And then I will simply respond with “You’re right…..”

All while I’m receiving massages on the beach, in Mexico, on a Tuesday while they are being “right”, pissed off, working 50+ hours per week, sad, saying “I wish I could…”, and hating their life.

I now get myself away from negative people.  I have been for over the past year.  I only surround myself with those that are moving forward.  Don’t get me wrong, I will always be friends with those that I have met earlier in my life.

But it would be unreal if they were able to break free from the fear and join me in moving forward.  But the sad thing is that 98% of them just won’t.  Yes, I’m talking directly to many of you reading this post.

If you happen to be a stranger visiting my blog, welcome!  But please take the message and meaning of this post to heart.  You are likely a business owner of your own, and for that I commend you in a big way.  You are the 2%.  Your friends will criticize, but you will be able to just smile while on the beaches of the world.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  If you think that you want to move forward with me, I would love to bring you along for a ride to the top.  Shoot me a FB message or email, timothy.m.lawler@gmail.com, and we can talk.  Take care.