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April, 2012 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

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Marketing Other People’s Products?

marketing other people's productsSo are you currently marketing other people’s products?  Yeah, as in like affiliate programs, joint ventures, or good ole’ straight up free advertising for them?  I get asked this quite a bit, as in, why in the hell would anyone want to market someone else’s products?

Well, I’m here to tell you today that it is a VERY smart business move.

From the most basic premise of business, especially online business, you can and should participate in affiliate programs.  HOWEVER, I say this with a strong caveat.


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Lowe’s Contractor Discount

Lowe's Contractor DiscountAre you a general contractor looking for Lowe’s contractor discount info?  Well, as for the specifics of the discounts that they offer, you will need to contact your local Lowe’s office, but I have to offer you something that you may be even more interested in.

You see, I am not only a physician, but I am also an Internet marketer, involved in various businesses.

And recently, I happened to come across the single biggest venture that I, or any person reading this post, will ever come across in their entire lives.  It’s like being able to invest in Microsoft stock back in 1985.  Yeah, it’s that big.

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I Just Don’t Get It

Yeah, I truly just don’t get it.  This is not going to be one meant for super awesome SEO rankings.  This is just me speaking from the heart on this one.

You see, over the past year, things have really started to take off for me outside of my medical career.  For those that are my close friends and know me well, you all know that I am a Navy physician, flight surgeon to be exact, but then you also know that I do “other things”, aka “crazy Tim Lawler shit”, aka “tons of business scams”, or whatever you want to make up in your mind.

I mean I get it, and I’m always one for taking jabs because Lord knows that I give plenty of them to my fellow peeps.

But at the same time I really don’t get it.

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Contain Your Home Business Excitement

Contain Your Home Business ExcitementYes, I’m telling you that you need to contain your home business excitement.   Why?  Because I want to help you have more people join you in your affiliate and/or primary business opportunities.

“But Tim, I don’t understand….don’t I want to tell people about my business opportunities?”

Of course you do. But you also don’t want to vomit all over them, and that’s what I’m trying to keep you from doing.  That is the absolute, WORST thing that you can do.

And trust me, I still find myself doing it from time to time, especially when I know what I have to show them will greatly improve their lives.

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Turning Back On The Marketing Funnel

Marketing FunnelOk guys, I have to admit that I am finally turning back on the marketing funnel.  So as my last post alluded to…where in the hell have I been?

Well, working extremely hard on my newest business that is hands down going to take the cake over all my others, but still, I am constantly developing any and all ventures that I’m a part of.

And that is kind of the point with this post.  To let you know that I’m back, and I’m working to start turning back on my personal marketing funnel, aka blogging.

You have to understand that it truly is a passion of mine.  Yes, it can be a huge pain in the ass at times too, but it is a phenomenal way to communicate with others and put your mind out there.

And most importantly, it is a way to help others succeed.

“If you help others get what they want, you will in turn get what you want.”

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