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Tim, Where In The Hell Have You Been?!?! | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Tim, Where In The Hell Have You Been?!?!

Yes, I am sure that many of you are thinking this statement if you happen to be a frequent visitor to my site.  Or perhaps this is your first time, but you see it has been 2 weeks since my last post.  In either case, this has been the longest break in my blog writing over the past 6 months.

And yes, it does kill me, but I do have a good reason.

To be blatantly honest with you, I have been on to something big, as in REALLY big.  I recently decided to add yet another stream of income to my portfolio, and this one happens to take the cake.

No, it is not another MLM company, but I do love my current MLM companies that I’m with at the moment.  They are either generating income on a daily basis for me or giving me a long lasting asset that will preserve my wealth.

And no, it is not another “top tier” program, which I also happen to be a part of too.

This company that I just partnered with honestly blows all of my aforementioned companies combined out of the water.  They just don’t come close.

Again, I absolutely love every business venture that I am apart of to date, but I feel as if every experience has lead up to this moment.

Personally, I feel 100% complete with this company, and it is something that everyone, literally every person around the globe can and will tap into.

You see, a potential problem that scares many away from network marketing and the home business industry is that you have to change (or convince) your market to buy a product or service that they may or may not want.

But not with this company.  They take that notion and flip it on its end.

This company monetizes what the current market HAS TO do daily in order to survive.  There really isn’t any “convincing”.  People just plug in and get paid doing things that they have to do anyways in their lives.

Point is, I have been spending every waking second outside of seeing patients during clinic hours either signing people up or helping my team sign up people.   And it has only been 2 weeks.

I have never had anything happen this fast….ever.

Traditional business owners can’t sign up fast enough.  Hard core networkers get this in a big way.

CEOs of both network marketing companies and small businesses in local communities are jumping on board daily.

As I like to say….this is big boy land.  This company did billions, YES BILLIONS, in sales last year.  Not just a few pesky million.  It’s nine years old, currently has over 2 million people in it, and is a household name in Europe.

Now it’s just starting to come to North America.  As of this writing, fewer than 5,000 people even know about this company or its service in the US.  In the next 3-7 years, they are projecting 50 million US citizens to be using this service.

Talk about opportunity….

I will be dedicating an entire page to this company in the near future when updated compliance guidelines come out.

Until then, feel free to email me at timothy.m.lawler@gmail.com if you want to learn more.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler