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Do You Need A Kick In The Butt? | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Do You Need A Kick In The Butt?

Kick In The ButtThat seems to be the million dollar question these days, so yeah, do you need a kick in the butt?  I know for a fact that I do.  Day in and day out, I get up to live a full blown life of two professions.  One is being a physician, and another is being an online/network marketer.

Each and every day, I try to provide massive value to people’s lives through each profession.  Yes, you can provide MASSIVE value to people by teaching them how to make income from the comfort of their couch.

But what I have come to realize lately is…

I need a HUGE “kick in the butt” right now!

I need to recalibrate my engines, and get back on task.  Yes, I am doing many of the right things over the past 6 months.  I’m connecting with some awesome leaders, learning from those that are having success, and plugging into systems that are changing people’s lives.

But something seems to be missing.

And when I look back at it, I feel like I am just missing the mark.  I am just 10 degrees to the left of where I should be.

I need other people, third party people, to give me a kick in the butt right now!

Therefore, I am considering a few alternatives, such as this very popular 100 day challenge, that’s coming up here soon, being put on by Adam Chandler and Jordan Shultz.  And from what I know about these guys, they seem to Internet marketing rockstars.

However, that is not why I’m considering doing it, for the Internet marketing piece that is.  Of course I am always learning from other people, and if I decide to do it, I am sure that I will learn from these guys.

But right now, I need third party accountability.  That is why I would do it.  I need a big time kick in the butt.  The only way that I can help others to become better is to become better myself.

And my question to you is, are you asking yourself the same type of questions?  Are you having an outside party give you some accountability?  Are you taking a long, hard look at why you are not succeeding in your life and personal business?

For instance, when you sign onto Facebook, are you just checking out what your old high school friends are doing whom you haven’t talked to in 7 years?  Or are you trying to make connections to help out other people’s financial lives and propel your business forward?

Now, I’m not saying to never have some good ole’ downtime and hang out on Facebook.  But only do it if you have done your revenue producing activities for the day.

For me currently, that seems to be my biggest obstacle, time management/efficient use.  With so many limited hours in the day outside of my medical practice, it is hard sometimes to do the simple tasks.  But I need to make sure they get done.  That is where third party accountability comes in.

So with that said, I will keep you updated as to whether or not I do this 100 day challenge.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  If you want a good “kick in the butt” and need to get back on track, this super simple system can help you do so now!