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3 Ways To Give Your Team Support | Dr. Timothy Lawler

3 Ways To Give Your Team Support

Give Your Team SupportAre you trying to learn how to give your team support?  It seems like a funny concept doesn’t it?  I mean that concept could be massive.   But seriously, are you learning how to do it?

If not, you should be.

As David Wood has been saying on his Empower Network calls lately…are your dreams big enough for those of your team?

One of his mentors had challenged him with that question early on in his career, and I think it is a valid question.  Specifically, if your dream is only to make 10k per month, but people on your team want to make 50k per month, will you be able to support them?

Chances are no.

So how do you “give your team support?”

Well, here are three ways in which I do it.

1.  Through Keeping Them Accountable

As most of you know, I am doing a 100 day business builder challenge right now.  Reason being, I need third party accountability.  When a new person is starting though, you need to be that person holding them accountable.  You don’t have to be an ass or jerk, but you may have to be stern.  People don’t succeed in business by hand holding.  Sometimes tough love can be a good thing.

2.  3 Way Calls

With my new business venture, my phone is ringing off the hook.  I have business partners across the country that need my experiential knowledge about what we do.  Therefore, I do it through 3 ways calls.  These are one of the best ways to give your team support.  You don’t have to physically be there, but you are still building through 3rd party introductions.  Plus your team knows that you are just a phone call away to help keep the expansion growing.

3.  Sit Down Meetings

Yes, I know that we just talked about 3 way calls, but personal meetings are one of my favorite ways to give your team support.   No matter what business you are in, it involves personal relationships.  And the best way to foster personal relationships is through a face to face meeting.  People can then pick up on all of the subtle things about you, and in turn, your business.  Shrugs, smiles, frowns, grimaces….they all tell a tale.  If you portray that tale in a good way, it is just another feather in your cap for expanding your team.

So, I hope these 3 tips helped give you ideas on how to give your team support.  If you have any others, which I am sure many of you do, I would love to hear about them below in the comments section.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  This system is by far now one of the best ways in which you can give your team support in their home business ventures.