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Will St. Louis Printing Companies Become Extinct? | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Will St. Louis Printing Companies Become Extinct?

St. Louis PrintingDo you think St. Louis printing companies will become extinct?  I honestly don’t know, but they are definitely going to have a run for their money.   You see, with the Internet becoming more and more the gold standard on where people turn to look up anything on anyone at anytime, it is vital that advertising and advertising dollars follow to this media.

And trust me, they are in a big way.  And this is where I come in :).

I have been involved in the online marketing world for over 5 years in addition to being a full time physician.  It is just so damn fun to learn and study marketing, and it is probably one of the reasons many St. Louis printing companies got started in their industry as well.

But it appears the tides are shifting.  I mean, why are newspapers that have been the staple of print media all of a sudden on the brink of bankruptcy?  People just don’t want to pay for newspaper ads anymore.  They can advertise for free online through various avenues, such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.  This screams “danger” for any and all traditional print media.

So are St. Louis printing companies going to be out of business soon?

Again, I’m not sure, but personally, I think that print media will always have a place.  Eventually, it will be one of the rarest forms of advertisement and super cheap.  However, I’m not here to bash.  I’m here to help.

As you can imagine, if you are not on board with the changing times, you will be left in the dust.  If you are not learning how to be on page one for a Google search of St. Louis printing, then you will not survive.

Is there any easy way to do this?

In short, yes.  But it wasn’t until the last 3 months.  Without going into too much detail, a new affiliate marketing site that anyone, from any business, with any experience level can use to absolutely DOMINATE keywords has come on the market.

It literally allows a person to join, start writing daily, and completely take over the top spots for certain keywords they choose and research within days.  They don’t have to spend months trying to optimize a site.  They don’t have to spend thousands on designers to make it look nice.  They don’t have to spend hours with tech support trying to make sure everything works.

They just join, write daily, and get ranked.

So how will this help me again as a St. Louis printing company?

Well, I know that many printing companies are smaller establishments.  They might not even know about how to maximize their time and efforts online.  I am here to help those owners gain back some of that ground that they may have lost.  I am here to help them survive in the new world of online advertising.  This system is the game changer.  The only question is…will you use it or turn your back on it?  Your choice.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  If you want to learn more about how to keep your St. Louis printing company on the forefront of online advertising, then check out this system now!