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Why Direct Sales Companies Are Worth It | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Why Direct Sales Companies Are Worth It

Direct Sales CompaniesEver wonder if direct sales companies are worth it?  I thought about the same thing for several years actually.  Having been in the MLM industry for over 5 years and not making a dime during my first four, I was pretty discouraged at that time.

Yes, I wanted to quit working my home business all together.  Yes, I was sick of having to recruit 1,000 people to make a $20 commission check.  Yes, I was tired of hearing “is this a pyramid thing”, over and over again.

I wanted something different.

But were direct sales companies the answer?

Well, again, after having been in the network marketing industry for about 4 years at that time, I decided to leave the industry, and try one out.  And I can promise you that I have not been disappointed.

However, if you have come across this page, you may be wondering what’s the point?  Or better yet, what’s the difference between direct sales and your run-of-the-mill MLM companies.

Let’s dig into the massive difference right now, shall we?

The HUGE difference between direct sales companies and MLM companies

As I alluded to before, there tend to be smaller checks made, at least initially, in most MLM companies.  It takes time and a very large team of reps before you will actually start making commission checks into the thousands.

But this is not so with direct sales companies.  They operate off the premise of G.P.T.  Get. Paid. Today.  Since most of the packages are at a starting price point in the thousands….when you are able to obtain a customer of one of those packages, it is a BIG commission.  Like say, $800-$2000….instantly!

Yeah, that’s right.  Off of one sale, you make thousands in commissions, which would have taken you probably 20-30 reps to do with a MLM company.  So when it comes down to a making money venture, direct sales companies can be extremely appealing.

But is the product worth the price?  Well it damn well better be.   From a basic business and ethical point of view, your product should absolutely be worth the price, or in my opinion, 10x worth what you pay for it.

And from my experience most direct sales companies are.

For instance, the company that caught my eye, and I am proud to be associated with deals with the tip of the spear of online business development and marketing.  It happens to be a community of some of the world’s best of the best of Internet marketing rockstars.

It allows you to be as hands on or hands off with the entire selling process as you want.  Such as, you can do something as basic as drive traffic to a site, and once they become a lead, you are done.  Essentially your business partner’s marketing funnel takes over, and you just sit back and enjoy the profits.

Or, you can build your own funnel, having any of your prospects go through your entire process that you decide.  Or you can mix and match, all while you receive big commission checks at the end.

So my friend, I do hope that this post helped.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me, timothy.m.lawler@gmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  I have since jumped back into another MLM company due to the massive demand for the product they offer right now.  But if you are tired of the tiny paychecks that many MLM companies offer and want to learn about one of the best direct sales companies available today, then check out my business partner’s, Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, site now!