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Physician Jobs In St. Louis | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Physician Jobs In St. Louis

Physician Jobs in St. LouisChances are that if you are reading this post that you are a physician looking for physician jobs in St. Louis.   If you are, that is pretty sweet.  I am originally from the good ole’ S-T-L, but I have since moved to practice medicine down in the SoCal area (much better weather during the winter I might add).

Perhaps you are fresh out of residency, ready to take on the world, and finally start making the big bucks.  Or maybe you are just looking for a new start, sick of the previous medical world you worked in.

Either way, you are looking for physician jobs in St. Louis at this very moment.

But  what if there was a different way.  What if you could do something else entirely while also working your J-O-B.   You see, many, many physicians are absolutely horrible business owners and/or business associates.  They go into medicine wanting to “help others”, only to get done with residency, and see that it really doesn’t matter about the patient anymore.  They have now entered into a business environment, and it is something that they never even imagined.

Proper coding, RVU’s, seeing 40 patients per day, doing procedures, on and on….

Those nice little “physician jobs in St. Louis” are looking like a nightmare

Their original intent and focus of taking care of the patient is now gone.  They are just trying to survive each and every day.  Volume is now the priority.  Many become super jaded, but they are financially stuck because there is nothing that they can do about it.  What other job will pay that $250,000 med school loan?


Also, many physicians have the aspiration of hanging up their own shingle and going into practice for themselves.  However, they quickly realize this is unsustainable. The bigger local groups and/or hospitals will eat them alive.  They eventually have no choice but to join them.

But again, I say stop looking for physician jobs in St. Louis, and learn about other options.  What if you could practice medicine the way you always wanted to practice?  See only 5-10 patients per day.  Spend time with them.  Actually have that doctor and patient relationship without having to join a 300 physician practice or become, yet again, an employee of some type once more.

Yes, it would require you to have some other type of income outside of your current medical career, but what if I could show you how to do that?  It wouldn’t be hard, and it would take only 1-2hrs per day?  Sound enticing? Sound unrealistic?

It’s not.


Because I do it every day.

Oh yeah, and in some ways, it could actually boost your current practice exposure.

The choice is yours.  Let me know if you are interested, and you can email me at timothy.m.lawler@gmail.com.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S. As for a sneak peak on what I’m actually talking about in regards to alternatives for people looking for physician jobs in St. Louis, it has to deal with investing in gold and silver.