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Numis And The Empower Network, A One-Two Punch | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Numis And The Empower Network, A One-Two Punch

Numis And The Empower NetworkYes, Numis and the Empower Network are freakin’ awesome.  And today, I want to share with you a strategy that many may or may not know about.

You see, I want to help out other networkers in our industry by providing a place for them to come get good, solid info on how to succeed in the Internet marketing world.   But at the same time, I understand that the basis for their actions is to turn a profit.  I mean let’s be honest here.

This reality is what brings me to keep talking about Numis and the Empower Network.  Today, as I write these words, these companies/ventures are the single two biggest avenues that anyone reading this post/article right now can use to make money….STARTING TODAY!  Period.  End of discussion.  And no, I’m not blowing smoke.  I am dead serious.

If you want to learn more about either Numis Network or the Empower Network, then feel free to click away.  But I want to give you my personal secret that I am teaching my team and what others are using to make big money fast.  (Yes, some of the big gurus are probably cringing right now as I write this, but oh well, I like to help people – I’m a doctor after allJ).

SO, moving on here.  Since you are here, you can obviously see that I love blogging.   I like to teach others to blog too.  There are many reasons for this that you can check out by visiting my “MLM SEO” tab above which will give you some info into the SEO marketing world.  But as for the quick down and dirty, blogs really need to be updated every day.  Since they are updated every day, by a real person, Google and the other search engines really like blogs.  Therefore, they TEND to rank the content on a particular blog higher for certain keywords than other sites because Google wants to put out the most up-to-date info for its users as it can.  This is the most basic SEO reason that I can give right now.  (It is much more detailed than this, but I won’t go into it now).

Then you take the Empower Network.  It is a blogging community that happens to have a sales funnel built into it.  Any post that you put onto your Empower Network site, it will usually get ranked very high and very fast because it is a community of blogs.  Google loves this!

People will visit your blog on the Empower Network, and they might even click on one of the ads surrounding your post, ultimately joining your Empower Network team.  The reason the Empower Network is so damn awesome is because it is only $25 to join (seriously $25 is a drop in the bucket – no excuses to even just try it out), and all of the marketing is done for you.  All you have to do is write, get ranked, and get paid when people join through your site.  That’s it.

This concept is very easy to understand, even for people that have never done marketing of any type in the past.  They join, write (just as you did), and they actually make money (just as you did).  They get hooked, and they start to gravitate towards you because you are the person that hooked them up to this new found cashflow.

And then you invite them to join you in Numis Network.  With the start up costs being only about $500 for the business aspect (much, much cheaper if you only want to invest in the coin of the month club), it is one of the cheapest that I have seen in the network marketing world in my 5 years in the industry.  It is very, very likely that they have already made the $500 to start from the Empower Network in the first week of using that system anyways, so it is really no cost out of pocket for them.

They end up joining your Numis team, and they are now starting their own network marketing company.  They are able to use this technique themselves, starting with a lower end product and then helping others upgrade to a slightly higher cost product.  It honestly doesn’t get much easier than this route.

So how does Numis and the Empower Network really work again?

In a big picture form, it looks like this…

Introduce To Empower Network (not a network marketing company) –> They Join For Only $25 –> They Start Making Money Online For The First Time In Their Lives –> They Like You Because You Helped Them Make Money, Now Asking For Other Things You Do –> You Introduce Them To Numis –> They Join You In Numis Because It Is Only $500 And You Helped Them Generate Money For The Start Up Costs Through The Empower Network –> Everyone Is Happy

This is a very simple technique, but it is extremely powerful.  It will allow you to building your team fast.  Plus, I haven’t even STARTED to talk about the perks of either Numis or the Empower Network.  I just wanted to give you the golden strategy.  I teach my team how to perfect this system.  It works.  We all succeed.  We are all happy.  Come join in our happiness.  Come join my team.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me, timothy.m.lawler@gmail.com, or put them below in the comments section.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy

P.S.  If you want to discuss another avenue on how you can join Numis Network FOR FREE and start investing in gold and silver today, check out this post.