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Is MLM Australia Possible? | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Is MLM Australia Possible?

MLM AustraliaYes, I’m actually wondering if the concept of “MLM Australia” is possible.  One of the best indicators of a strong network marketing company is if it is expanding into new markets, and in turn, new countries.

Australia over the years has been up and coming in the MLM world, and many US based companies are expanding into the country.  I mean, there are tons of other companies out there as well that make Australia their home from day one, but I’m specifically talking about growth into Australia from the US or Canadian markets.

“So Tim, are you saying MLM Australia IS possible?”

From my 5 years in the industry, YES!

However, only rock solid companies that will stand the test of time are able to make this type of growth, especially into key areas like Europe, Asia, and Australia.

And if you know of anyone currently in Australia or are looking to possibly start up your own MLM business in Australia, now could not be a better time.

Right now, Numis Network, a company that distributes gold and silver numismatic (collector’s) coins, is expanding into to Australia as we speak.

Yes, you heard it correct.  You could be the person that makes the concept of MLM Australia golden, literally.  (I know, I’m a dork).

But seriously, from the time of this writing until 01 April 2012, Numis Network will be in its “pre-enrollment” phase within the country.  Which means, if you are from Australia, you can join Numis Network for FREE!

They will not even accept your credit card.

You literally sign up, secure your spot, tell a friend or two (or a hundred ;)), and you can build your team all for free.

If you think this is a joke, it isn’t.  I promise.

You have a chance to get literally hundreds of people in Australia on your team…FOR FREE!

Can you imagine the payout from joining Numis and making MLM Australia possible?

Overnight, you could have thousands of dollars in your pocket if you position yourself correctly.

I have been passionate about gold and silver for a very long time, and being able to educate others about these precious metals through the home business model is a dream.

Now is an opportunity of a lifetime, especially if you are in Australia.  Don’t pass it up.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.P.S.  If you think you would like to secure your spot in Numis this second and be a part of making “MLM Australia” a reality, then click on this link now, go to the upper right hand corner, change markets to “Australia”, and follow the instructions to lock in your position for free!