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I Was Robbed | Dr. Timothy Lawler

I Was Robbed!

I Was RobbedNo seriously, I was robbed three nights ago.  It is a horrible and crappy thing to have happen to a person, and now I can add my name to the list of victims who have been burglarized.

And the worst part is not having over $2800 worth of stuff taken from me.  Yes, that is a bad part of it, but it is not the worst.  The worst is the feeling of getting violated, knowing that someone can break into your own personal space is so ridiculously intrusive.

Thank God that neither my wife nor I encountered the people who did it in mid action.  I don’t know what I would have done if I caught them red-handed or what they would do to me.

But the fact still remains…I was robbed.

Now, of course, I did all the appropriate stuff that you are supposed to do, such as file a police report, call local pawn shops, and visit the local swap meets.  But that is just reactionary and physically going through the motions to make yourself feel better.

I still had a choice to make emotionally immediately following the incident.  I mean, damn!  I was robbed!

I could either have a pity party and feel sorry for myself.  Feel like a victim.  Feel helpless.

OR…..I could make the choice to get up, dust myself off, and keep on rocking and rolling.

You better believe that we (my wife, Jessica, and I) are moving full steam ahead.  We are stronger than those cowards who broke in during the middle of the night.  We are better than those petty thieves.  We are mightier than those evil people.   We are rockstars.

And trust me when I say, our industry is no different!  The home business world will constantly give you blows, and knock you down.

You will scream, “I was robbed!”

But how will you handle it?  Will you cry, get mad, laugh, want to cause physical harm?  All those are normal feelings.  We are human after all.

But what will you do?

So many just give up.  They say it’s too hard.

And I say that sucks for them.

But not my team.  My team is going straight to the top.  We will take our blows along the way.  They will make us stronger.  We will prevail.   We will win.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  If you want to know how Dr. Lawler’s team is rocking and rolling and not falling victim to the, “I was robbed” mentality, then check out this system now!