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Every Blog Is A Marketing Blog | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Every Blog Is A Marketing Blog

Marketing BlogI know you don’t want to believe that every blog is a marketing blog, but it’s true.  People may not believe that they are marketing when they write, but oh yeah, they most definitely are.

What are they marketing?


In this complex world of the Internet age, it can seem a little overwhelming with all of the million, upon million web pages out there.  Literally billions of sentences about stuff.  I mean, that’s all a blog is right?  Just someone writing about stuff?

Well yes, but often times that “stuff” has meaning for others.  One person’s idea is a valuable nugget for another person in this odd little universe.

And when you combine the concept of “You Inc”, as the great Mike Dillard and other gurus have talked about intensely over the years, you start to understand that every blog is a marketing blog.

I can promise you that people do not care about your company or you, at least initially.  They only want their problems to be solved.  But if they search for that problem in Google, which many will do, and your beautiful, sexy words come up on the screen because you were optimized appropriately for their problem…

Then guess what!

You just happened to turn your blog into a marketing blog, marketing yourself, painting yourself as a leader.

And when you start to solve that person’s problems over and over again, or you start to solve many, many people’s problems, you then become the super rockstar.

You become a guru.

Yes, even if you have your blog as an “online diary” of your thoughts and words, it is all the same.  You will inspire somebody.  You will inspire others.  They will be attracted to you.  You will be the answer that they have been looking for.

Point is, every blog is a “marketing blog.”

It’s all about providing value to this world.  If you go into writing each and every day with that intent, then you will be unstoppable.  Don’t be skimpy.  Give some good stuff.  Don’t be selfish.  That is what this attraction marketing thing is all about.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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