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February, 2012 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

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Plugging Into MLM Leaders

Plugging Into MLM LeadersNo seriously, are you plugging into MLM leaders?  Chances are that if you are NOT, then you aren’t really doing your MLM business.  And you probably aren’t too successful either.  You are just playing the “we’ll try this out for awhile in hopes of making it rich” game.  Stupid game to play in my opinion.

When it comes down to success in the network marketing industry, this is probably THE biggest factor in those that actually make it big and those that don’t.  I have seen it time and time again in my 5 years in the industry.

Hell, I was one of those damn people that had trouble “plugging into MLM leaders.”  But then I wised up.

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How To Use The Empower Network

How To Use The Empower NetworkAre you wondering how to use the Empower Network properly?  Do you even know what the Empower Network is?  Well, chances are that if you are reading this post, you have been or currently are involved in network marketing or Internet marketing of some sort.  But just in case you aren’t, I will give you the one-liner on this amazing system.

Quite simply, the Empower Network is a viral blogging platform that has a sales funnel built into it.  But not only is it a blogging platform, but it is a blogging platform that has authority.  Now, I will not go into all of these details because I want to specifically share how to use the Empower Network today in this post.  But if you want to get an overall description, you can check out it out here.

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How To Help Poor People

How To Help Poor PeopleAre you wondering how to help poor people?  Yeah, me too.  And it isn’t just giving them money.   Pretty much everyone believes that money is the solution to all of the world’s problems.  But it isn’t.  I can promise you that.

But you know what is?


Yeah, that’s right, knowledge, and I’m going to prove it to you.

Have you ever heard about that person who wins the lottery, literally millions of dollars, but then they are just as broke as when they won the jackpot about 2 years later?  They obviously got the money.  It should have solved their poor problem, right?

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Physician Jobs In St. Louis

Physician Jobs in St. LouisChances are that if you are reading this post that you are a physician looking for physician jobs in St. Louis.   If you are, that is pretty sweet.  I am originally from the good ole’ S-T-L, but I have since moved to practice medicine down in the SoCal area (much better weather during the winter I might add).

Perhaps you are fresh out of residency, ready to take on the world, and finally start making the big bucks.  Or maybe you are just looking for a new start, sick of the previous medical world you worked in.

Either way, you are looking for physician jobs in St. Louis at this very moment.

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Is The MLM Industry Worth It?

MLM IndustryI am almost 100% sure that anyone reading this post has asked themselves the question, “Is the MLM industry worth it?”  I mean, in what other field or business do people roll their eyes at you or put up their hand while simultaneously telling you, “OH, I’m not doing one of those pyramid things!”

It is very unfortunate that many people have their mind made up about network marketing, but still, one in four people in the US have been a part of the MLM industry in some way, shape, or form.

The other sad fact that often accompanies the previous stat is that 97% of network marketers fail, and by fail, I mean that in a financially specific sense.  Often, people do not make back their initial investment, or if they do, then they might only break even, never to see a profit.

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Is MLM Australia Possible?

MLM AustraliaYes, I’m actually wondering if the concept of “MLM Australia” is possible.  One of the best indicators of a strong network marketing company is if it is expanding into new markets, and in turn, new countries.

Australia over the years has been up and coming in the MLM world, and many US based companies are expanding into the country.  I mean, there are tons of other companies out there as well that make Australia their home from day one, but I’m specifically talking about growth into Australia from the US or Canadian markets.

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