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You Must Do Your Revenue Producing Activities First | Dr. Timothy Lawler

You Must Do Your Revenue Producing Activities First

If you aren’t doing revenue producing activities daily, then you just aren’t doing your business.  But for most people that are reading this post, I know you are always doing things to move your business forward.  But at the same time, you need to make sure that you are doing those activities that put money into your pocket first.

What are these activities?

Well, that completely depends on how you are doing your business.  You have to specifically analyze how cash is coming directly to you.

However, most people think it is through:

  1. Optimizing their Facebook Fanpage to get more “Likes”
  2. Making better capture pages to get higher conversions
  3. Going over their PPC account for the eighth time in an hour to see how many clicks they got
  4. Buying a course on how to make your own info product
  5. Listening to a webinar on how to sell a funded proposal
  6. Etc
  7. Etc
  8. Etc

But these are not things that will make you an income.   They will help you make income, but they won’t do it directly.  There is only one thing that will do this, and it is prospecting, prospecting, prospecting.

Yes, there are ways to make sales without talking to people, but this will produce modest results at best (and it is usually reserved for very, very advanced marketers).   No matter what business you are involved in, especially when it comes to the home business industry, you have to talk to people.

That is how you make money in our world.  You must prospect, “work” leads, engage another human being in conversation.  Our industry is about helping people change their lives, not about making a sale.  Money does come as a result, but that should not be your focus.

If you put other people’s interests ahead of yours, then you will make a killing.

The problem is though, many people do not like this for some reason.  They are super scared to talk to others.  I personally don’t understand it, unless they have a social phobia.  At any cost, it then becomes a topic of….how much pain are you willing to experience to force yourself to overcome it?

Again, most people just succumb to the fear.  They don’t break out.  They don’t pick up the phone.  They don’t make those connections.  They don’t get people to join their team.

Don’t be that guy.  Talk to others.  Make new friends.  Attract great people to you.

This all happens by  making sure you do your revenue producing activities first each day.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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