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My Dog Pooped On My Hand | Dr. Timothy Lawler

My Dog Pooped On My Hand

So I am often the lucky one that gets to take our small, 22lb Maltee-Poo, beast out to go to the bathroom each and every morning.  By beast I mean that he will eat your face off.  And by eat your face off, I mean that he will give you sweet little kisses each and every time you pet him.  He honestly is the gentlest little thing that I have ever seen.

When he was first growing up, it was a tough job trying to potty train him.  He would always go all over the house.  He would never go in the grass like we wanted.  And yes, at times, my hand was not quick enough to get removed from behind his little bottom, having a little “dingle berry” fall right onto my palm.  Those were always fun days.

But then he progressed to the man he is today.  He is very well trained in the bathroom department, and I don’t have any more logs fall right onto my hand.  Yet, he can also be a little resilient when it comes to throwing the rope.  As in, he can actually be a freakin’ barking monster.

I heard that poodles, by nature, are retrievers just a few days ago.  I wanted to call BS on that statement when I first heard it, but it makes sense.  My boy has always had this inherent nature to want to play fetch, especially with this ropes and balls.  But if you do not throw it, he will bark and bark and bark until it gets done.  This is usually the time that I place the bark collar on him, and it instantly remedies that situation.

With all of this said, your business is often like my cute and cuddly dog.  You will have it annoy the crap out of you with its incessant barking.  It will want to take you a way that you don’t want to go.   It will try to poop on your hand and continue to do so until you learn to move your limb.

Therefore, put on the bark collar.  Move your hand.  Feed and pet the little bastard.  And the second you start to nurture and raise it, it will start to give you beautiful little licks.  You will then have a long lasting relationship that puts a smile on your face each and every day.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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