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Is Chipotle In San Diego Poisoned? | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Is Chipotle In San Diego Poisoned?

Well I sure as hell hope not.  I eat at the Chipotle by my house, like 3 times per week.  The place is freakin’ phenomenal.

Actually, it is one of the healthiest “fast food” restaurants ever made.  Yes, you can become a fat-a** too by eating the wrong things, but from a basic head to head comparison to most other places, you can really lose some pounds if you choose to hold off on the chips, sour cream, and loads of cheese.

But I digress.

This is more about finding out how you eat your Chipotle.

For me, I choose to get the burrito bowl WITH the lid (even though I stay in the actual establishment to eat my food).  That move messes them up every time because lids are supposed to be used only for to- go orders.   We’ll get to the “why” in a minute.

As my bowl moves down the line, I now opt for the “brown” rice, a new choice (which I think has only food coloring added to the white rice – but that’s just me).

I then choose for black beans over pinto beans, and then I go for the real game changer….

Double chicken.

Yes, it is $2 extra, but it is often the best $2 that I spend that day.  It is what makes my bowl come to life.

Finally, I finish up with a double whammy of sauces, both the hot and mild, a little lettuce, ending it all with a sprinkle of cheese.  At this point, they are often so damn busy that they forget to communicate that I am rocking out the double chicken.  However, I try not to be a bad guy, and I let them know at the register.

Also, it is at this point at which I have a decision to make.  Be fat or not be fat.  That is the question.

99% of the time I choose the fat option, so I get a bag of chips.  This is when the lid comes into play.  I sit down after getting my large delta charlie (Diet Coke), and I ensure the seal is secure all the way around the bowl.

The shaking now begins.

Every ounce of goodness that was layered on top of each other is now mixed together in a beautiful medley of Mexican awesomeness.

Using a nice little trick I learned from my friend Zac, I tear the top off the chips at the half way point down the bag.  This prevents you from having to open up the closed bag with every needed chip scoop because the bag is just…..open.  The amount of time and hassle alone this has saved me makes my extra $2 of the chicken worth it.

Once I finish, the complete bowl goes into the bag, which then goes into the trash, and off I go with my day.

Yup, THAT is how I roll….and Chipotle is THAT amazing.

I highly suggest having your next business meeting at a Chipotle.  I plan to buy one at some point in the future, and then you can come have your meetings in my Chipotle.  I’ll give you half off.

Now it’s your turn.  How do you eat your Chipotle?  Let us all know.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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