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Be That Guy With His “Pants On The Ground” | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Be That Guy With His “Pants On The Ground”

If you are not a fan of American Idol, that’s ok.  I’m not either.  However, I do find myself watching it occasionally from time to time, and since my wife is an avid fan, I have started to watch the audition shows over this past week.

You definitely see some interesting characters on that show, and the 2009 season was one of the most epic.  It had General Larry Platt feature his made up song of “Pants On The Ground”.  If you haven’t seen it, then you should really check it out.  It is quite a catchy tune.

As we drove home tonight from visiting friends in LA, that bad boy came up in conversation, and we started to sing it once again.  The good General has apparently left this earth from my most recent research, but his legacy lives on.

Anytime I, or literally thousands of American Idol fans over the past years, think of the show, he will be in our thoughts.

And it really makes one think…what are you doing to leave a legacy in your business?

Most people don’t think that far ahead, or they don’t dare to dream that big.  I call that small thinking, and it is this mindset alone that will keep you down.  If you don’t dream big, you will only get crap in return.

As for a case in point, let’s turn to the words people use.  Many don’t realize how their thoughts turn into words, words turn into actions, and actions turn into character.   And with that said, one of the most common phrases that I hear others say is…. “oh, we can’t afford that.”

It doesn’t make a difference what “that” is, but this is a poor man’s mindset.  Anyone with this phraseology will continue to stay poor and never make any real success in their business.

Yet, there is another alternative, and it is this phrase….”how can we afford that.”

Yes, it seems so stupid and simple (and it is that simple), but you must switch to this type of thinking immediately.  It can be done, but it will take work.  You might catch yourself slipping back to the old apostrophe “t” word, but just make sure you catch yourself.  Change it, and then move on.  The more you do it, the better you will be.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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