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January, 2012 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Archive for January, 2012

How To Pay Less Taxes This Year

Trying to find out how to pay less taxes this year?  If you truly are, then kudos to you because so many people don’t.  They just take the pain while watching Uncle Sam dip into their pockets and steal nearly half of their pay.

And the sad thing is, people are either too lazy or believe it is too hard to actually pay less taxes this year.  However, I am here to show you that it is not that hard at all.  In fact, not only will you save more money by paying less out, but you can also increase how much you have coming in.

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Stop Visiting San Diego Coin Shops

Do you want to start acquiring your own set of silver and gold coins for investments?  Don’t know where else to turn except San Diego coin shops?  Well good thing you came across this post.

With our economy going down the drain at a freakin’ alarming rate, it seems to be a no brainer to be investing in gold and silver bullion (NOT paper assets, such as stocks and bonds – but that’s an entirely different conversation).  And for the common person who does not have thousands of dollars to invest in bricks of gold and silver, coins are a smarter way to access the asset.

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How To Setup A Basic List On Aweber

Hello my friends.  I have been having some of my team members ask how to use Aweber with their capture pages.  Well, if you ask, you will receive.  This is just a super quick and simple video on how to setup a list within Aweber, setup an autoresponder series within Aweber, and then create Broadcast messages within Aweber.

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10 Reasons Why Diane Kennedy Is Awesome

Yes, it is true, Diane Kennedy is awesome.  I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with this woman for only a very short time, and all I can say is WOW!

I first met Diane on our Numis Network rockstar cruise a few weeks back, and the immediate thing that astounded me is how down to earth and approachable she is (and that goes for pretty much all of the Numis leaders as well).  But that is just the beginning.

There are literally a ton of good things that I could say about this iconic leader.  But instead…

Here are my top 10 reasons (in no particular order) why Diane Kennedy is awesome…

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So Yeah, I Drink Big Gulps

I guess I let the cat out of the bag.  I drink Big Gulps.  Not only do I drink Big Gulps, but I drink Double Gulps.  I mean how sick is that? And I’m a freakin’ physician for crying out loud.

Well, even us doctors have our own vices.  For me, it’s Diet Coke.  I just don’t drink coffee really, and from a young age, I have always used soda as my pick-me-up.  I wish I could break myself from it, but it has sunk its claws in me.  The Diet Coke monster has me hook, line, and sinker.

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You Must Do Your Revenue Producing Activities First

If you aren’t doing revenue producing activities daily, then you just aren’t doing your business.  But for most people that are reading this post, I know you are always doing things to move your business forward.  But at the same time, you need to make sure that you are doing those activities that put money into your pocket first.

What are these activities?

Well, that completely depends on how you are doing your business.  You have to specifically analyze how cash is coming directly to you.

However, most people think it is through:

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