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Will The American Bar Association Pay Your Bills? | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Will The American Bar Association Pay Your Bills?

To all of my lawyer friends out there in the Internet world, I am not your enemy, and I do not hold grudges against you because I am a physician.  I like to think that a majority of lawyers have the best intentions of their clients at heart just as most physicians have the best intentions of their patients at heart.  For that reason, we both have a common goal….helping others.

It is very unfortunate that modern media and greedy individuals from both sides have created a divide in our professional worlds.  However, I am here to bridge that gap by offering a completely different solution to many lawyers’ problems….that is money.

No matter if you are a very successful attorney, owning your own firm, or choose the government and civil service route for your career, you are a legal professional nonetheless.  In today’s tough economic times, trying to find a job is becoming more difficult by the day, and if you are brave enough to hang out your own shingle, it is even scarier.  People in our world need your service, but if you are constantly worrying about how the next paycheck will come in, that makes your job exponentially more difficult.  That is where I come in.

I have been fortunate enough to learn a few other skills outside of my medical profession over the past 5 years, mainly online marketing.  The contacts and business relationships that I have made over that time have been nothing short of amazing.  Recently, I was able to partner with a team that brings solutions to all professionals from around the globe, from the healthcare fields to the engineering industries.  Now, we are opening it up to the legal world of attorneys and lawyers.

What if you were able to make a passive income stream each month that required no physical work on your part whatsoever?  What if it didn’t require any selling?  What if it didn’t require you to know anything about technical analysis or skills?  In fact, what I’m talking about is a passive income stream because everything is done for you.

Does that sound like something that might peak your ears a little?

If it does, you can check out what I’m talking about at Lawyers Wealth Secrets.   Hundreds of other professionals have already joined out team because of what they have seen and learned.  Will you be one of them?

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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