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Opportunity For Young Lawyers Association Members | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Opportunity For Young Lawyers Association Members

As a member of your respected state’s Young Lawyers Association, you have a great ability to make change.  More than likely, you are just starting out your legal career or a few years into it, picking up speed.  In either case, the potential for you to do what you want is massive.  I would just encourage you to follow your heart and not follow the big paychecks.

Often times, young lawyers will start out with the dream of making the big bucks.  They are willing to sacrifice a good portion of their time and efforts working 80+ hours per week to make the billable minimums.  Others want to start their own firm right away, being the top dog from the beginning.  Again, those are great ambitions, but I just want to stress the importance of long term planning.
When you start to have little ones run around the house, what are you going to want to do?  Spend every waking moment at the office, missing your kids grow up, or are you wanting to be at home with the family?  The choice is yours, and hopefully you have the loved ones that will support you no matter which decision you make.

No, I’m personally not a lawyer.  I’m a physician and fellow professional, but my brother is an attorney in Kansas City, MO in addition to numerous friends of mine.

But my point is this..it does not matter whether you are a physician or a lawyer.  Most young professionals forget to see the big picture.  They just put their heads down and start sprinting, and they tire after the first quarter mile.  But then they are stuck.  The student loan debt is just too high, and they have no other choice but to work 80+ hours per week.   It is very sad to see.

I have spent the past 5 years showing other professionals a simpler way to generate income, which in turn gives them options.  It allows these individuals to stress less about making money and focus on what really matters in their lives.   Don’t be like everyone else.  Learn about other sources of income.  You will not be sorry.

Until next time.

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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