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My Empower Network Review | Dr. Timothy Lawler

My Empower Network Review

Guys, I come to you tonight with access finally to one of the biggest game changers in the online and home business industries.  You may have heard the buzz around this system over the past 3 weeks (because that’s all it has been around), but it has taken everyone and everything by storm.  So much in fact that it has paid out almost $1 million dollars in commissions in the first 3 weeks that it has been open.  No joke here.

What is this “thing” you ask?  It’s called the Empower Network.

As for a few quick highlights before I dive into the explanation, it is a SUPER SIMPLE system that pays you 100% COMMISSIONS when you use the product/service.  Yes, you heard me right.  All of your efforts for trying to give others value is returned to you in full.  There is no check being cut from the company to you.  If someone buys from your affiliate site, the person who purchases the service has their money deposited directly into your bank account.  It is absolutely nuts, and I have NEVER seen anything like this system in my 5+ years of the home business industry.

Oh yeah, and you know something else, it is only $25 to join.

For those of you that don’t like MLM/network marketing for whatever reason, it’s not one of those either.  It is all direct sales.

But let’s back up, I just wanted to give you some of the good stuff first. What in the hell again is “The Empower Network”?

Well, it’s a very simple blogging and marketing system that is literally 3 steps to use.  There is no learning how to set up a blog.  There is no learning how to set up sales funnels.  There is no talking to friends and family about this (although you may want to after you check it out).  There is no guessing on how to use the system because the Fast Start training takes your hand and walks you through the entire thing.

Basically, you are getting access to “lease” one of the biggest guru’s in the online marketing world’s blog and marketing funnel.  You end up getting your own WordPress blog within the Empower Network system.  You blog daily within that system, and then it attracts people to your Empower Network site/blog through SEO techniques.  (There are tons of other ways to attract people to your site as well, but this is the basic premise of the system.)  People see the ads around your Empower Network site, click on them, sign up, and you get paid.  Rinse and repeat.  It is seriously that easy.

You literally sign up with the company for $25, and then you watch the Fast Start video series.  The first video will show you how to set up your Merchant Account so that you can start to earn commissions instantly.  It will take you about 1-2 hours to set up.  Once it is set up, you literally start to blog and/or use other techniques to get traffic to your blog.  Then you get paid instantly.

The reason that I absolutely love this system is because ANYONE can use it from any walk of life, no matter what type of dire financial situation they are in.  I mean come on…it’s only $25 to join.  Yes, it came from a person who is HUGE in the online and home business industries, but if you are smart about it, you can get people outside of that industry to take over their niches.

For instance, you can have lawyers and financial people plug into this blogging system, go through the videos, learn how to start blogging, and then they will eventually take over search engine keywords for their area of expertise.  This in turn will drive people to their site, these people will click on their ads for the Empower Network system, they will join, and then that person gets paid.  Yes, this is the third time that I have gone through this process, but that is how easy it is!

I will be doing many more trainings on this system in the future, but if you want to learn more, check out this example of what your blog will look like.   Please don’t hesitate to ask questions by posting them below.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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