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How To Get Low Hanging MLM SEO Fruit | Dr. Timothy Lawler

How To Get Low Hanging MLM SEO Fruit

Tonight my friends, I am going to give you a little secret that pretty much all of the “gurus” know, but they don’t usually want this cat to come out of the bag.  This one little secret will get you a TON of traffic, and it is pretty darn easy to do.

But for a few little pre-requisites first.  This technique involves SEO marketing with a blog.  So if you don’t have a blog, don’t worry about it.  Reason being, you can get an entire blogging platform and marketing funnel for only $25 for joining the Empower Network.  Yes, I keep talking about this system, but it goes hand in hand with what I’m going to talk about tonight.  Plus, you can make a HEAFTY amount of cash in a relatively short time just by blogging daily with their system.  So again, if you need a blog, I HIGHLY recommend setting up one with the Empower Network.

Next, this is where the fun begins.  You see, every day, new MLM, network marketing, and direct sales companies are forming up in a very big way.  And yes, every day, hundreds fail.  Either way, these things are popping up, and I want you to position yourself, from a SEO perspective, to legally steal traffic from these keywords.

I guess technically you aren’t “stealing”.  You are just being a very smart marketer.  But this is how it works.

Because these new companies are, well, NEW, they haven’t been talked about on the Internet yet a lot.  This is where you come in.  If you write a review of one of these new companies or their products, you will then start to get ranked very quickly for these no-so-talked-about keywords.  You will be one of the very first people talking about this company or product, and Google will start to like that others are actually writing about it.

For example, say company “XYZ” starts today.  You discover that they have this hot new juice that they are selling, and you type into Google the keyword “XYZ”.  In doing so, you see that NOBODY has written a review on company XYZ!  Well guess what the title of your next blog post will be…yup, “XYZ Review”.

If you write the review, and then blast out the post on an article submitter like Article Marketing Robot, then I can guarantee that you will get ranked highly for this not-so-popular keyword.  I recently used this technique this past week, and I TRIPLED the amount of traffic to my blog overnight.  Not kidding here.

This sneaky little tid bit works, and it works well.  Do a little research and find out what companies are relatively new out there.  Write reviews or talk about one aspect of these new companies on your blog.  Get ranked by Google, and start building new relationships with those that come across your blog.  These relationships will then turn into customers and long lasting business partnerships.  You can then teach them how to do this, and you become a freakin’ rockstar.  It is literally that easy.  Plus, it is super fun.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.  You can call, email (timothy.m.lawler@gmail.com), or leave comments below.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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