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Half Off Numis Start Up Costs | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Half Off Numis Start Up Costs

Hey guys, I just wanted to write about this time sensitive offer that I’m personally giving out to 4 people each week during the month of November 2011, specifically until 27 November 2011.  You see, I have studied the compensation plan of Numis inside and out.  The amount of money that you can make with this company is absolutely unreal.  But that was not the reason for me joining the company.  The reason was to show others the power of a system that can change their life.

Every day, I talk to people who are needing to put food on the table…or pay for their child’s tuition…or find a way to work each day.  Point is, we all need money, but some people absolutely have no outs, or at least they think that they have no outs.  What they don’t understand or haven’t been exposed to yet, is that there are literally a million ways to make money in our beautiful world.  And I personally think home businesses are one of the best ways.

The low start up costs, tons of personal development, massive leverage potential, huge network of professionals, etc, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Of all the potential businesses out there that you can join, Numis is up there with the top three in my book.

As I have written about in the past, gold and silver is a must have possession if you want to be able to weather the ginormous economic storm that is about to hit us.   It is going to be bad, and everyone is just ducking their head, saying “we’re all going to be fine!”.  Guess what, we are not going to be fine, and the only place to store your wealth will be in precious metals.

Numis is the only home business that I know of, dealing in precious metal coins.  By being a distributor of the coins, you get to invest in a lifelong asset that will get you through to the other side.  Plus, you will be able to rock out a home business, paying you weekly, all while you also make commissions of what your team sells as well.  It is an absolute win-win.

Now, if you want to know how you can actually join Numis for free, please make sure you check out my video on how to do so.  BUT, I want to make the process even easier.   If you watch my video and see how you can join my Numis team for free, it still involves effort on your part and the $500 start up costs.

However, during every week of November 2011, I will be giving 4 people each week the opportunity to start with Numis for only $250 instead of $500.  Yes, that’s right.  I will be sending anyone that personally enrolls with me a check for $250 to help offset the “bite” of the $500 start up costs.  But it’s really not a bite if you watch my video on how to start for free.  It actually just puts even more money in your pocket within the first week of starting.

So with that said, there should be absolutely zero excuses on why not to join my team in Numis. Now, please understand that I can only take 4 people each week for this month only.  Once those 4 spots are taken up, you will have to wait until the following week, or you may just be out of luck.  If you want to take advantage of this offer, email me at timothy.m.lawler@gmail.com, and I will call you ASAP to discuss your level of interest.  This offer will go extremely fast.  I can guarantee it.  So don’t delay, shoot me an email as soon as possible.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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