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Numis And Pro Elite Vs Potions And Lotions | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Numis And Pro Elite Vs Potions And Lotions

In today’s crazy world of home based businesses, many people believe they are scams and pyramid schemes.  Fair enough I say.  If someone is going to be naïve enough to make that statement without an ounce of research then they are fools.  Plain and simple.  Now, if they do some research and they still have that belief, then good on them.  That is their educated opinion, and I can respect that.

However, MANY companies (some good and others not so good) deal in what I call the “potions and lotions” industry, otherwise known as the health and wellness industry.  People often end up selling vitamins, juices, drinks, and creams all under this health and wellness umbrella.  Now don’t get me wrong, it is literally a trillion dollar industry so that is why everybody and their brother latches on to these companies, but they become exhausting to hear about after awhile.  Every company is trying to out do every other company with the latest research and newest patent.  There is no wonder why the home business industry has this “scammy” type aura to it.

I’ll admit it.  I was previously involved in a “potions and lotions” industry before I had enough.  As a physician, I never personally felt comfortable with trying to tell others about the products, which is why I never did.  You can imagine how much success I had with that company.  Yeah, not much, BUT what I did gain from that experience was a crap ton about how to market online.  In fact, I became pretty darn good at it.

Needless to say, I left that particular company and joined Pro Elite, which teaches small business marketing and overall business development, even to the newbie who doesn’t have a damn clue how to do it.  This was my dream combination, and I was freakin’ hooked.  At that moment, I was officially out of the network marketing/MLM arena for good and on to helping others learn how to market online.

But then came another little flicker of light when a good friend of mine told me about Numis Network.  Yes, it was a network marketing company (which I wasn’t too happy about at the time since I had just left that industry), but this one was different.

It dealt in gold and silver coins.  This product particularly peaked my interest because of the two words, “gold” and “silver”, which I happened to be investing heavily in at that time anyways.  This wasn’t a magical solution that supposedly made you healthier.  It was a physical asset that I could hold, touch, and have gain in value over time.  Then, you combine that product with the ability to build a team that does the same thing.  Yeah, it got me too.  So that is how I became a double business owner within about a one month timeframe.  Things have never been better.

Yes, I do stay busy, but it is well worth it.  Getting silver coins in the mail each month is pretty cool, and then I look a little bit like a baller with a bunch of physical precious metals hanging around.  With how bad the economy is about to get, gold and silver are going to be the only assets left as the dollar continues to decline.  I now feel that I have an obligation to tell others about a chance to get as much physical gold and silver metal as possible.  That is why Numis rocks.  It bridges that gap.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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