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Advanced MLM Prospecting Techniques (Part 1) | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Advanced MLM Prospecting Techniques (Part 1)

About a week ago, I wrote about the basics of MLM prospecting.  By no means was it all encompassing about how to prospect, and with this piece or any to follow, it will not extend your knowledge to have the end all, be all route to prospecting wisdom.  However, it will be ONE source that you can use to get you going in your conversations with a prospect.

If you are honestly trying to make a decent living with your MLM business, then you need to invest the time into a few prospecting courses.   My personal favorite and one that helped me break through the mold was Magnetic Sponsoring’s Black Belt Recruiting.  It went a little into the psychology of why you need to prospect, and how to do it successfully.  Some of the tips that I will be talking about today and in the near future are handpicked from that course.  But, they are also blended with my own personal touch.  So let’s get into, shall we?

In my MLM Prospecting Basics post, I talked about how to do the opening liner of a conversation to put both yourself and the prospect as ease.  If you haven’t read it yet, please go back and check it out.  Once you have that part out of the way, you then want to start doing one of 2 things (they are basically the same thing for two different types of leads).

For the lead that you purchased or came across your site as an opportunity seeker, you want to hold an interviewing style conversation.  You want to be the boss (because you are), asking them why they were looking in the first place, find out what motives them, and see if they are actually serious.  Now, the last sentence that you just read could have hours upon hours of webinars, presentations, and books about the how to do this the right way.  The point is, you are trying to find out their “why” and what truly motivates them.

For instance, a question that you might ask when you get through the opening line is….”So Tom, what has you looking to start a new financial venture at this time?”  Notice two things here.  First, I did NOT say “business opportunity”.  Please get those two words out of your vocabulary.  They are associated with spam and un-professionalism in this day and age so just get rid of them.  Second, I left it open ended. Always, always, always ask open ended questions.  They might try to end it quickly with a statement like, “Well Tim, I want to make more money.”  Of course they do.  We all do.  But you have to dig deeper.  Is it because of wanting to have more time (with family, friends, other loved ones)? Do they hate their boss? Do they want to travel?  You must dig deeper.

The second type of lead that you will talk to is pretty much the same as the above type, but they are a little more qualified.  They have already watched a presentation about your company or opportunity so they are super primed.  With them, you just throw out a little line such as, “Hey John, did you have a chance to watch the video.  You did, great.  So what was your favorite part?”  You are engaging them back to your content AND focusing on them.  Once they are done speaking, ask for the sale or membership.  “So John, are you ready to get started?”  No, I’m not kidding.  You need to ask.  Many, many times, this will lead directly to you getting them to sign up.  SO many people NEVER ask for the sale so they don’t get it.  If you do, you will be more successful than 90% of the other people out there.

Ok guys, this is my very simple advice on Advanced MLM Prospecting.  Standby for future posts about a few other things as well, such as how to handle objections.  Please feel free to put your comments below or any other type of feedback that you might have.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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