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5 Reasons Why Numis Works | Dr. Timothy Lawler

5 Reasons Why Numis Works

The really cool thing about having your own home business is that you meet some tremendous people.  You get to learn from their strengths.  They give you an outsider’s view when you get too pigeon holed.  And overall, they are just fun to hang out and socialize with.

Well, one of those people that I have been very fortunate to have met and become great friends with over the years is a man name David Alcorn. I have known David for over 5 years now, and he is a terrific leader.  He is a music man by trade, teaching various forms of music to students around the San Diego, CA area for over 8 years.

Besides being a rockstar musician, he is a phenomenal networker.  He is completely genuine and is able to sponsor people like a ninja.  In trying to learn from the best, I often read his blog, and I came across this awesome article that he wrote today because it is short and to the point.  With his permission, I will let him tell you about his thoughts, specifically about Numis Network.

Therefore, ENTER DAVID:

Numis Network is a 2 year-old company whose revolutionary product has already become a hot topic of conversation among the direct sales industry. Their product is a tangible asset and can even be resold if needed which is almost unheard of in the network marketing industry. Their products are gold and silver numismatic coins. Here are 5 reasons why a Numis Network home business works.

1. Their product– the products you will receive with your initial start-up purchase from the company and monthly auto-ship are money. You are paying for numismatic, which means collectible, coins. These coins are not only valued for their precious metal content but also because they are collectible and have the possibility to go up in value over time.

2. The Timing– the timing for Numis Network could not be better. Debt concerns in Europe, the United States deficit, the shrinking power of the U.S. dollar, and political upheaval in the Middle East are helping to boost the price of precious metals. The timing is right to add precious metals to your investing porfolio and earn extra income at the same time with a Numis Network business.

3. Generous Pay Plan– There are 12 ways to get paid in Numis Network plus a car bonus and vacation bonus. The pay plan encourages teamwork in order to advance which in turns helps everyone to have the opportunity to earn income, not just a select few.

4. Leadership– The leaders of Numis Network are veterans in the direct sales industry. Ian Cordell has been a leading executive in the direct selling industry since 1994. In 2001 Ian and Chris Kent established International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. Under their leadership, IDSTC has become a premier provider of technology and software services for the direct selling industry with hundreds of clients throughout the world. He has been an executive and national trainer in the direct selling industry since 1994.

Chris Kent is a seasoned sales executive with extensive network marketing success. He is responsible for having developed a team of over 100,000 independent reps and more than 300,000 active customers and is a professional trainer and sales leader.

Jake Kevorkian is recognized as a pioneer, visionary, and leading force in the natural products industry. For the past 20 years, he has distinguished himself with an extraordinary record of achievement in marketing, sales, and product development. For 10 years he served as president and owner of Vaxa International where he expanded a product line of the first-ever homeopathic blended solutions. Previous to his tenure as president of Vaxa, Jake was a distributor for the company. He built his organization’s sales to more than $500,000 per month and a sales force of thousands of people.

5. Completely duplicatable system– in order to be successful in any network marketing business you need to have a training system in place for new associates to learn about the company, products, and pay plan while building their businesses right from the beginning. With the power of the Internet, email, and social networks a Numis Network business can be started without much money and tailored to however you want to build the business.

So there you have it from Big D himself.  If you want to learn more about David, you can check him out at WorkWithDavidAlcorn.com.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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