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October, 2011 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Archive for October, 2011

How To Join Numis Network For Free!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out a really cool way to essentially join Numis Network for free.  Many people want to join a home business, but the cost often becomes an obstacle.  Well, today I show you how to not worry about that road block anymore.

It does take a little bit of work, especially in your first 7 days, but it isn’t too bad.  You will quickly have money in your pocket and be building your team fast if you follow the layout that I talk about in this video.

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MLM Keyword Research

Today’s writing happens to deal with a topic that is often overlooked by many MLMers trying to do PPC, SEO, or PPV, but it is SO darn important.  I know that when I first started it was something that I just was in denial of.  I was like “screw it!….I can figure this out on my own.”  And the truth is, you can, but it will either take you way too long, or you won’t be any good at it.

My goal over the next 5 minutes is to give you a starting ground.  It is to help you decide how you can find those money keywords to get you the rankings you deserve.  This will take some effort, but with the tools and techniques that I provide, you will be well on your way.  So let’s get started…

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How To Make A MLM Webinar

Hello My Friends,

Thank you for stopping by to check out my video on how to make a MLM webinar.    It is a very short video, but I have been getting many questions from people wondering how to do a screen cast video. It is very easy, and it is through a service called Camtasia.

This video will just touch on how to get access to Camtasia for your own personal use, and it goes through a very quick outline of how to set up your webinar or powerpoint video presentations.

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The Greatest Baseball Game I Have Ever Seen

For those of you that don’t know this, I am from St. Louis, MO, and I am a diehard Cardinals baseball fan.  If you have any interest in baseball whatsoever, you were probably watching game 6 of the 2011 World Series as I was tonight.  And holy crap, it was hands down the best game of baseball that I have ever seen.  Period.

Some of you may disagree, but it was unbelievable.  The Cards were down to their last strike on two different occasions, which would have left them defeated.  But no.  They didn’t let it happen.  Base hits kept them in the game.  After battling back twice from being 2 runs down, they came back to tie.  Then, the rockstar of the night, David Freese, hits a center field walk-of homerun in the bottom of the 11th to win the game, forcing a game 7.

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4 Unusual Ways To Make Money With Numis

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of gold and silver investing right now.  No, I’m not a huge “gold and silver bug” overall, but I am a wealth cycles investor.  And right now, gold and silver are the top investment opportunity of our time in my opinion.  Because of this cycle and my love for online businesses, I was fortunate enough to come across Numis Network, which happens to combine both.

If you have read any of my previous posts, then you know that I am extremely passionate about Numis, but today, I want to talk about 4 unusual ways to make money with the company.  Some of these I have touched on before, but others are new.  At least they are new coming from me.  So, without further delay, let’s dive into it…

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A Few Books I Recommend For Your Home Based Business Development

So I was going over a few emails that I have sent out to my lists over the past few months, and I came across the following piece of literature that I wrote.  I love it because it shows the incredible power of how an Internet based home business can literally be worked from anywhere, to include a war zone.  Without any further delay…


I am writing to you from Afghanistan since my unit has been here for a little while now.  In case you are not familiar with my background, I am currently deployed with the Marines to help out in this little scuffle called Operation Enduring Freedom.

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