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MLM Leads Or Leaders? | Dr. Timothy Lawler

MLM Leads Or Leaders?

So if you are doing any type of Internet marketing for your home business these days, lead generation is probably a hot topic on your mind.  If you go ahead and Google “mlm lead generation”, you will have a ton of searches come up from some good and not so good resources. 

Regardless, lead generation is absolutely vital to marketing online, but is it really all that and a bag of chips?  Meaning, if you are able to generate 50-100 leads per day, would you be rich?  I think most intelligent people would answer, “well it depends?”

But OF COURSE it depends!….on what though?


The problem with implementing lead generation tactics in your business is that it is not an easy game.  For some, they might be able to plug into a system and start knocking it out of the park.  However, in order to get the entire process rockin’, it usually takes time.

You need to set up a capture page.  Learn copy.  Write an autoresponder series.  Write more copy. Get an automatic email marketing service.  Write even more copy.  Generate traffic.  I think you get my drift.  There are a lot of moving parts.

My point is though….if you take the time to learn how to generate leads through a rock solid system, you will then generate higher quality leads, which will mean greater quality people joining your team.  

You will finally start to get leaders instead of just leads.

As stated earlier, it does take time.  It takes time to learn.  It takes time to implement.  It takes time to see results.  However, if you are patient and continually learn how to make your lead generation process better, you will see HUGE dividends in the long run.  You can just never give up. 

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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