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5 Action Steps For Connecting With MLM Gurus | Dr. Timothy Lawler

5 Action Steps For Connecting With MLM Gurus

Yes, this industry of home businesses is a tricky one indeed!  It is not easy.  It is not a “get rich quick scheme”.  Many, to include myself, believe it is tougher than most business ventures….at least initially.  But the cool thing is…once you get around the right people, it becomes easier.  Once you learn from the best, those people with hundreds or even thousands in their down line, you get on cruise control.

So how do you get around “those people” or whom I have dubbed, “MLM Gurus”?  Well that’s what I want to accomplish in this article.  Here are 5 actions steps for connecting with MLM gurus.

1.  Make the decision that it is possible

As with everything in this industry, mindset is key.  You have to tell yourself and believe that it is possible to talk with these types of people.  In today’s Internet savvy culture, these iconic individuals are literally just a message or post away.  As the saying goes, you miss 100% of the shots that you never take.  Make the decision to be around those influential people.  It is most definitely possible.

2.  Decide who you want to talk to

Just as with any industry, there are millions of things to consider when you want to succeed.  In the MLM world, there are experts in just about anything you want to learn.  Whether it be SEO marketing, or how to retain individuals on your team… there is someone that has the secrets.  Find out who those people are.  Ask around on Facebook or do a Google search.  Obviously BetterNetworker is chalk full of them.  Discover their contact info or blogs.  Once you do, you have just discovered the entry gates to their massive wealth avenue.

3.  Post on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, or BetterNetworker pages

So now that you are at the entry gates, knock on the door or buzz in at the speaker system!  You have to engage these gurus.  Some might be generous enough to answer any and all questions/comments that you pose to them.  Others will just ignore you at all cost.  To increase your chances of making a connection, try to ask a very intriguing question.  For instance, if you are a newbie, throw that out there in your question/post so the person knows where you are coming from.  Honesty is the best policy, and they will appreciate it, increasing the likelihood of a response.  Also, this will expose you to their fan base where others can see who you are, and they (maybe even other gurus themselves) might try to contact you as well.

4.  Buy their products – if valuable

If a MLM guru has helped you in the past (and it’s likely they have or else they wouldn’t be a MLM guru), they probably have some good products that they sell.  Guess what, buy it from them.  No, this is not a pitch for anyone in particular.  It is advice on how to increase your knowledge and expert positioning.  All an expert is in real life is someone that knows more than you do.  Therefore, if you try to get around, learn from, and educate yourself (either through courses or personal conversations), you in turn become an expert.  In my experience, every single MLM course that I have ever purchased has increased my knowledge base tremendously.  I will always encourage others to do the same as long as the MLM guru is a worthy source.

5.  Email/call them directly

Some might have wondered why I left this until the last step, but it is usually because you have to have established some sort of connection first before you can do this step.   That connection is usually through them answering your questions on one of their blogs/social networking sites or through purchasing their product.  They will see your loyalty, and they will then be more willing to accept your attempt at communication instead of some random Joe-Blow off the street.  This may or may not illicit a response, but it is worth a shot.

Alright guys, I hope these five steps for connecting with MLM gurus were helpful.  If you get around the right people, you will be unstoppable.  Make the decision to do it, and follow these steps.  I bet that you won’t be sorry.

Until next time……

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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