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3 Simple Changes To Improve Your MLM Productivity Drastically | Dr. Timothy Lawler

3 Simple Changes To Improve Your MLM Productivity Drastically

So you’re in a rut.  You don’t know what to do.  You are even starting to question whether or not you should quit your network marketing business.   You are so lost.  What should you do?!?!?

I have been there so many times and had these thoughts run through my head in the past many, many times.  The good thing is though that I have not acted on them.  These thoughts are normal and ok to have, but don’t let them knock you down.  Instead, use them to drive you forward.  Use them to increase your business overall.  Use them to make you a better person.  Use them to dig down deep and see what you’re made of.  It honestly isn’t that hard.  In fact, I am going to introduce to you three simple changes that will improve your MLM productivity drastically.   Here we go…..

1.  Treat Your Business Like a Business

Yes, I have talked about this in the past, but it is so very important.  A large reason that many people end up struggling and/or quitting in this industry is that they think the little MLM fairy is going to come down and bless them, making them big-time riches.  “If I only stay in long enough; if I only get under the right leader; if I only join the right company; if only – if only – in only…”  These “if only” people will only keep talking until they are blue in the face.  The second they decide to take action, make a business plan, and stick to it…it is literally that simple.
A principle that I use with my team is a 90 day business model.   Most big corporations run their entire organizations this way, only planning 90 days out for a majority of their tasks.  Of course they have long term goals, but when it comes to the nuts and bolts of running their business, they plan only 90 days out.  If you get in the habit of making 90 day plans, you will see your business improve unbelievably.

 2.  Do Some Action Steps Every Single Day

This is hard for some people to do.  A lot of individuals join network marketing businesses to do “part time”.  And you know what, that is awesome.  But sometimes, they get too stuck on the, “I only work 10hrs/week”.  If you seriously only have 10hrs per week, then you should be working 1-2hrs per day, not 10hrs on a Saturday.  Take action each and every day, with at least 80% of your time prospecting.  If you are not prospecting that much initially, you aren’t doing #1 as listed above.   It is just a hobby for you or a “I hope it works adventure”.

 3.  Batching emails

Part of increasing productivity is carving out time in each day to spend on more important things (like prospecting;)).  I got this idea originally from Tim Ferriss, the super popular author of the “4 Hour Work Week”.  If you haven’t read the book, you really should.  Chances are that most of you have already.  The premise is that you only check your emails twice per day for a set hourly period, such as between 11am-noon and then 4pm-5pm.  Otherwise, you have an auto responder email that states you will only be checking emails during these two times in order to increase your productivity.

I have started to do this task, and it is incredible the results that have occurred.  Instead of being stuck to your computer or smart phone, enjoy time with her family, hang out with friends watching a football game, or go to the dog park with your four legged friend.   Point is, you won’t end up being rude as hell by staring at a tiny cell phone screen, looking up likely unimportant crap, and you can also enjoy life more.

Alright guys, I hope these 3 tips will help you improve your productivity.  I would love to know if you guys have anymore so please put them below in the comments section if you do.  As always, questions are always welcome.

Until next time…..

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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