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September, 2011 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Archive for September, 2011

MLM Leads Or Leaders?

So if you are doing any type of Internet marketing for your home business these days, lead generation is probably a hot topic on your mind.  If you go ahead and Google “mlm lead generation”, you will have a ton of searches come up from some good and not so good resources. 

Regardless, lead generation is absolutely vital to marketing online, but is it really all that and a bag of chips?  Meaning, if you are able to generate 50-100 leads per day, would you be rich?  I think most intelligent people would answer, “well it depends?”

But OF COURSE it depends!….on what though?

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Congrats To Bob Anderson, A Numis Rockstar!

So I first heard about this dude named Bob Anderson about 3 weeks ago, when I first joined with Numis Network.  I heard that he had made millions in another network marketing company within the health and wellness industry.  I heard that he had over 100,000 people in his downline with that other company.  I heard that he had dominated the competition with a very simple technique with that other company.  I found out a few other things too, but that little ditty about making millions is what stuck with me.  All I could say was….DAMN!  That man knows how to do this business!

And today is quite another day for the man, the myth, the legend because he just made 5 Star Director (SD) within Numis Network.  For those of you not associated our company, 5 SD is a pretty big deal….like tens of thousands per month type of big deal.

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One Simple Strategy To Succeeding With Numis

Yes, I must say that I am quite excited to be part of Numis Network.  It is awesome to be dealing in actual physical gold and silver.  The startup costs are some of the lowest overall that I have seen in network marketing.  Some of the biggest names in the industry on our team.

But to be honest….that doesn’t mean jack to anyone reading this post/article.  I mean let’s be real here.

The simply amazing thing that I want to get across in this message is that teaching others how to be successful in any particular company is the ultimate goal.  That is what makes you as a leader feel better than making $10,000+ per month.

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Thanks For All The Love

Hey Guys,

This is going to be a short little ditty today.  I am absolutely exhausted, and this week is going to be a marathon.  But even with all the hustle and bustle that we do each day, it is important to stop and say “Thank You” to all of the people that love and support us.

Therefore, I just want to take this time to say a sincere THANK YOU to all of my friends and family that have given me their support because they have believed in me.  Even if they don’t fully understand my reasons or think I’m crazy, they stand behind me in everything that I do.

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Get On The Network Marketing Support Train

AAAALLL ABOARD!  Yup, this train is leaving the station, and if you want to succeed in the network marketing industry, you need to hop on.   I mean, you always hear about all the hoopla and stories about giving little “Johnny newbie” a pat on the back for all of his hard work.  But all too often, I see that the hard work is wasted.

Many times it is not a person’s fault either.  They just don’t know any better, and their business coaches shouldn’t even be “coaches”.  They should be people that need to go back to the school of hard knocks themselves or invest in a course or two on how to keep their home business moving forward.  Giving Johnny a pep talk is great.  But teaching Johnny how to actually do this business is another thing.  That is what I’m talking about here.  Set your team members up for success.


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While I Was Golfing…

So this is the cool thing about having a business that you work from home.  Last weekend, I was back home in the Midwest for a good buddy’s wedding.  To start off the festivities for the wedding weekend, we of course decided to get a round of golf in on that Friday morning.  It was a good time watching me slice the crap out of the ball from the tee box while all of my old college buddies gave me a good teasing from time to time.  Overall, it was a great outing.

But the really, really cool thing about that day was a little text that I got from my friend and business partner Shane on the 4th hole.

“Hey Tim, your marketing just converted.  You have a new person joining your team…”

“Holy Crap!” I thought to myself.

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