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MLM Belief - I Bet You Don't Have It | Dr. Timothy Lawler

MLM Belief – I Bet You Don’t Have It

I am going to go out on a limb here, and throw out a little tester. Chances are that you don’t really believe in your own MLM business. Yeah, that’s right. I said it.

You are not proud of your own home based business. How do I know? It’s really easy. So here is the scenario…..you are at a party or a dinner date, and the all too famous question arises… “So what do you do?” Even if MLM is not your primary means of making an income yet, I bet that you either lie about what you do or don’t even mention it at all.

Now, I’m not taking about going on a pitch or vomiting out info about your MLM company at that time. That’s not what I’m getting at. But, I bet that you don’t simply mention, “oh yeah, I also have my own MLM company that I also do on the side beside primary job X…”

However, IF you did, then you will likely get the all too famous response that I have received in the past, which is “OOOOHHH, is that one of those Amway things” or “is that one of those pyramid things”.

My point of this post is not to show you how to handle stupid and ignorant responses to those statements, but to better highlight the fact that you probably cringe when you hear those responses. You want to go crawl into a black hole, never to again see the light of day.

And now my question to you is….WHY?! Why be ashamed? If you have the belief, these responses should cause you to laugh. Yes, laugh in their faces (but maybe try to hold back the physical outbursts as to not be as rude to them as they were to you).

When you believe in what you do, NOTHING, and I mean nothing, should be able to rattle you. You should be proud to shout that you have a MLM business from the mountain tops.

“But I’m just starting out, and I’m not yet successful….” is a common excuse I hear. Who cares! The single fact that you are taking the steps into the unknown to better your life and the lives of those you love is what counts. If you come from a point of belief and conviction, you already win. Those who criticize you don’t even realize how bad they have it.

Therefore, if you are a little shaky on the belief side of the house, just make the decision to stop being ashamed. Start being damn proud of what you do, and it will make a world of a difference in your business.

Until next time…

Dr.  Timothy Lawler

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