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4 Reasons You Must Stay Fit | Dr. Timothy Lawler

4 Reasons Why You Must Stay Fit

Why You Must Stay Fit

Why yes, I am a physician, and yes, I am supposed to talk about this issue.  Just to throw out some quick stats for you to start……one in three Americans is obese and two of every three Americans are overweight.  If you are thinking that this might be a problem in our society….you are correct.

The question that you must ask yourself is though…..what are you doing about it?  Well, I hope exercising for starters.    You should be exercising AT LEAST four days a week.  This does not mean taking a little stroll once around the block. No, you need to be doing at least 30 minutes of some type of cardiovascular exercise four days per week.    Whether it is running, playing a sport with friends, swimming, biking, a home fitness program, kempo, kickboxing, or whatever, just do something that keeps you moving and your heart rate elevated.   This constant activity burns calories and helps you lost fat on your body.

So why does all this matter?  Why must you stay fit?  Well, I am going to give you four good reasons of why you must stay fit, especially after those college years.

1.  Employers Don’t Like Fat People

I am honestly not trying to be mean here, but it’s true.  Studies have shown this time and time again.  At some level, even subconsciously, when an employer looks at an overweight or obese person, they automatically start to judge them. 

“It’s obvious they don’t take care of themselves, what kind of work ethic do they really have?  Are they lazy?  Do they even care about the job that they are trying to apply for? Etc, etc.”  Yes, this is what employers and potential employers think.  It is similar for a person with bad acne scaring on their face.  It is physically debilitating and makes it harder for a particular person to land a job.   Don’t give them an excuse.  Stay fit.

 2.  Health Concerns

After a fun time of partying for four years (or maybe even longer for some), your body may have taken a toll.  You start to have medical issues that you never imagined, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.  You start to freak out a little.  “I’m only 25” you tell yourself.   Yup, 25 on your way to a heart attack by the age of 35 if you keep it up.  Don’t destroy your body in the most vibrant and energetic years of your life.  Use it to the fullest.  Exercise.  Lift weights.  Get sculpted abs.  The physical fitness world is your oyster.

3.  Self Confidence

This one may be pretty self explanatory, but if you have a good looking body, you are going to be more confident.  You will be rocking that smoking hot body, with a chiseled back, and washboard abs.  Or, you’ll just be happy that your cholesterol is within normal limits.  In any case, you will be a different person.  You will be happy, strong, and able to take on the world.

4.  Stress Reliever

This is a biggie for me personally.  Stress is a horrible thing, but it is an inevitable part of life.  It builds character, and how we handle it shows us and others around us who we truly are.  A very nice and easy way to combat stress is through a nice 30 minute cardio session.  You will get a natural endorphin high, feel relaxed, and be able to do with whatever entity is giving you stress in your life.  You will be unstoppable. 

Ok guys, I hope this helps.  Staying fit is just an overall good idea.  The four reasons listed above are just a few of the many. I would love to hear your thoughts on this post so please put your comments below.  


Until next time….

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