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Take A Leap Of Faith | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Take A Leap Of Faith

Take A Leap Of Faith

So you‘re at home, it’s really late at night, you’re trying to find something of interest on the TV and then you see it….the infomercial.   Maybe it’s for a “Shakeweight” or a “Snuggie” or something else super crazy……or maybe it’s for a real estate investing course or an internet marketing course or a home based business. 

“Oh what shams and schemes and crappy products they are trying to sell,” you think to yourself.  And then time goes by, and you start to see the same product still being advertised 6 months down the road on another late night rendezvous with your couch and the remote.  “That stupid thing is still on TV?!” you actually say out loud this time.

 The following weekend you see the same infomercial once again, and then a little light starts to pop on in your head.   The little beast called common sense enters into your thoughts…..  “Maybe that product or course is actually selling…..maybe there is some good information in there…”  Yes, many will still remain skeptical, and just move on with their lives.  

But there are a few others that will take a leap of faith.  They will drop that $300 on a course to learn about how to better manage their time or make an extra $1,000 from home.  Will they be successful?  I don’t know, and a large amount of that (as in 100%) will depend on the person buying the course.  However, they will have taken a chance to better themselves and their lives. 

Others, they will just remain the same as they always have.    They will stay in their little bubble, comfortable, safe, and keep on plugging along.  AND THAT IS OK!  But if you are someone that is adventurous and bored with the day in and day out events of your life, take the leap of faith.  Learn a new skill, see how others try to help you from making the mistakes they made, and maybe even make some extra cash on the side.  You just never know.  I talk about this issue a little with jobs for college students.  The world is their oyster, but most just get trapped in trying to do what their parents did, which is get a job, work for 40+ years, and hopefully retire. 

My advice to you is to do something “crazy” every once in awhile.  In the long run, $100-$300 on a course/product to better your life is a drop in the bucket, even if it is from a late night infomercial.  You just never know until you try.

Until next time….

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