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Jobs For College Students | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Jobs For College Students

Jobs For College StudentsAre you looking for a job as a college student?  Trying to make some extra cash so that you can go out for a night on the town with a buddy, or go shopping for that dress with a girl friend? What type of job are you going to apply for?  The local Gap or Abercrombie?  How about the campus bookstore?

Well, these are two viable options, and they will give you SOME cash to
get by.  However, more than likely these will not improve your
marketability to obtain a job once you leave college, nor will they
likely give you the experience needed to land that perfect career.

So what will?

How about owning your own online business.  “You are
nuts, Tim” some will be saying out loud right now.  Or “there is no way
in hell I can afford it!” Or better yet, “I don’t know the first thing
about running a business online or where to even start looking!”  These
questions and emotions are perfectly normal, but I want to focus on the
“why” aspect right now.  Essentially, why college students should seek
online businesses, even while they are still in college.  Here are my
top 4 reasons why college students are perfect for running their own
online business, essentially creating their own college job.

1.      They’re More Internet Savvy Than Their Elders

College kids these days have grown up with Twitter, YouTube, and
Facebook.  Not only that, they have learned how to master these domains
like no other. Yet, not many of them even realize the massive money
making potential inside each one of these sites.  With a little
guidance, motivation, and creativity, college students can be trained on
how to tap into the massive power of these tools.  For instance, many
are able to write programming code and form software products.  All it
takes is a little marketing and partnership, and the sky is the limit.

2.      Save Time In Travel

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about getting back from class,
just to rush off to work?  How about wearing what you want while you are
making money?  This is the reality of life in the internet business
world.  Often times, college freshman and sophomores don’t even have
cars, making travel nearly impossible.  An online business offers no
need to travel in the first place.

3.      Low Start Up Costs/Big Returns

Now, many people think starting a business is expensive….and many
people are right.  But the cool thing about the online business arena is
that the business itself can be started for as low as $300-500.  “That
is expensive Tim!”  Well, it can be, but what if you partnered up with 1
or 2 of your friends.  Then the cost becomes much more bearable.  With
the potential profit being in the thousands per month, it is a
relatively low risk enterprise.

4.      Gain Business/Work Experience

So you just graduated, and you are applying for a job at a top company.
You are Johnny Smith, having owned and operated your own business for
2-4yrs, making $5,000 per month on average.  Your opposition, Larry
Lamo, interviewing in the next room, is proud that he was part of the
math club for 4 yrs.  Who do you think they will pick?  Yeah, that’s
what I thought.  The amount of real world experience and organized
training that you will receive is worth the effort alone.  You will not
be disappointed.

So there you have it.  I understand that owning your own business is not
for everyone.  Some should just stick to that job of folding clothes in
the storefront window.  But for those that think they have an
entrepreneurial bug or think it actually might be fun to have their own
business online, the possibilities are endless.

Until next time…

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