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Take A Vacation | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Take A Vacation

Take A Vacation So you might have just graduated from college, never gone to college, or are so far away from college that it isn’t even funny.  No matter which category you fall into, I can promise you one thing….you need a vacaction.

You need time just to sit, relax, and sip on some fruity drinks for awhile (whether alcohol is involved is your own personal choice :)).   You know, give yourself a pat on the back and say “Good job me”. 

If you think that I’m joking, I’m not.  I am dead serious.   Vacations are absolutely vital to you keeping your sanity, happiness, and overall well being.  No matter what job you are currently working right now, you have to reset your engines.  But this is the thing, not enough people make it a priority in their lives.

Many people believe that they should only go on a vacay “if they can afford it”.  This is the wrong type of thinking.  Just like with your retirement savings, you need to make going on and saving for your vacation automatic.   I can already hear it, “there is no way Tim, just too many bills to pay”.  And yes, there will always be bills to pay.  They will be there when you get back, but plan your vacation NOW! 

By doing this one simple task, that is – actually planning your beautiful beach laziness or ski trip to Colorado – you will give yourself something to look forward to…plus it will give you time to save for it.  I mean hell….put $50 from each pay check away for 6 months and boom, you have $600+ for spending money right there.   It honestly isn’t hard to do…it is just doing it.

Then, once you got this “doing vacations on a regular basis” thing down, you need to make your vacations longer….much longer.  As in, 1-2 months at a time longer.  

“There is no way I can take that much time off, Tim” many of you are saying to yourself.   And you know what, you are right if you stay in the same mindset and mundane lifestyle as you are living right now.  But if you want to even consider breaking from the mold, you need to seriously consider this awesome idea.  1-2 month vacations?  Is this for real?  Can it be done? 

The answer is yes my friend.  I have said in other posts, and I will reiterate it again, it can be done.  The guy who lays it all out on the line is Tim Ferriss, in his book, “The 4 Hour Work Week”.  If you have never read it, you can check it out here.  If you have read it, re-read it again.  It is a slam dunk, amazing book. 

Again, it can be done.  In my near future, I plan to do a variation of what Mr. Ferriss suggests in his book, and that is to negotiate a 10 month working contract per year.  Right there, 2 months of built in vacation time.  If you can afford to do this, I HIGHLY suggest doing it.  If you haven’t already, you will quickly realize just how much your time is worth….and I bet you it is worth a ton more than you are currently making right now.

Until next time…..

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