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Commitment Is King! | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Commitment Is King!

Commitment Is King!

Hey All!  I know that it’s been a little while, but I have been out in the middle of the desert on a field exercise for our upcoming deployment.  Regardless, I have found a little time to talk about a topic that I think is absolutely vital to anyone, anywhere, looking to succeed in life…..and that topic is called commitment.

Now I’m sure that we have all heard it before, but most of us have just ignored the words….”Never quit”.  Well, whether we want to admit it or not, we all have. 

Yeah, trust me, you can’t get out of this one.  Even if it was small, you have definitely quit something in your life.  However, the key question that you must ask is….did you learn from your experience?

That is difference maker.  Those that are wealthy, happy, joyous, and healthy have learned to adapt and ultimately better themselves.  While those that are fat, sad, bitter, and poor have not.

“Wow Tim, that is pretty cynical isn’t it?” some of you may be asking yourself.  Well maybe, but let’s honestly think about it.  Let’s take staying fit and healthy for instance.  Do you think certain people are so blessed to wake up each and every day to an absolutely sculpted 6 pack of abs without lifting a finger and only eating Bon-Bons all day?  Guess what, NOPE! 

Those individuals worked their buns off (no pun intended) to stay in shape, and they have an external trophy to show for it.  Going to the gym, day in..day out.  Healthy and fit people are some of the most committed people that I know. 

Same goes with those that are wealthy.   Yes, it is possible that someone could have been handed money on a silver platter, but I can promise you that they will lose it all if they are not committed to learning how to be wealthy.  It takes effort to learn business, be humble, get coaches, formulate your right team, take classes, read books, balance financial sheets, etc, etc…basically do everything that is needed to be and stay wealthy.

And finally….if you are a recent college graduate, there is no other choice for you except to be committed…..especially when it comes to finding a job.  In our current economic times, ANY job is hard to come by.  People are taking significant pay cuts just to keep from getting cut themselves.  Therefore, that doesn’t leave much left, but there are some good jobs out there.  You just have to sit down, start looking, and don’t give up until you find the job you want/need.  There will be road blocks, but commitment will carry you all the way.

Alright guys, I think that’s it for now.  Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment…take care!

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