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March, 2010 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

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8 Ways To Save $200

8 Ways To Save

I think that most would agree that saving for retirement is a pretty big issue these days, especially with pension plans pretty much going bye-bye.  But what I often hear is, “Tim, I want to save, but I just don’t have the cash….”

Well, I hate to say it, but you probably do have the cash.  It just depends if you think saving for retirement is worth putting that little amount of money away each month. 

At any cost, I want to help.   Even the smallest amount of cash put away now will be big bucks later.  You just have to make it automatic.  “But where am I going to get this small amount of cash, Tim?”  I thought you might ask that.

Trust me, it’s easy.  You just need to change your ways a little bit.

I have below a list of 8 ways in which you can save an extra $200+ in no time.   So here we go…..

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Other Options To Real Work

Other Options To Real WorkMost people think when they enter college that they starting their road to a successful career.  Some want to be doctors, others lawyers, and still others financial guys.  These examples are all great careers, but do most college grads actually end up attaining the careers that they initially want? 

I hate to say it, but the answer is no!

There are a ton of reasons of why this might happen.   Each person has their own individual reason, and I do not want to focus on those reasons at this time.    What I do want to focus on are the other options out there to your traditional “9 to 5” after you obtain that undergrad degree.

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