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Time Keeps On Ticking | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Time Keeps On Ticking

Time Keeps On Ticking

Time Keeps On Ticking

 “I just don’t have enough time in the day!”  “I would love to learn that new skill set, but I just don’t have enough time right now in my schedule…”  “That sounds like fun, but my time is too limited right now.” 

You know what I think about all of these things….they are all EXCUSES!  At this point in time, especially with it being the start of a new year, almost everyone I know wants to better their life or improve their situation in some way.  Whether it is to make more money, learn a new language, lose a few pounds, make new friends, socialize more, and the list can go on and on…all they do is complain that they “just don’t have enough time.”

Well I’m tired of hearing that phrase because each and every one of us all have 24hrs in a day.  You may have heard that before or maybe you have not.   I hate to be so simplistic, but it is the truth. 

The question that you have to ask yourself is….what are you doing with those valuable minutes and seconds of each day?

Are you letting them pass on by, sitting on your butt watching Friends re-runs?  Or are you trying to make a conscious effort to make the most out of them?  I hope you are one of the people in the later.  If you aren’t, then you need to become one of them.

In either case, it’s all about a little thing called time management.  I have to admit that I wasn’t always the best at this, and I still fall short at times.  BUT, I have improved over the years, and I want to share with you 3 tips that I use to help me be super productive.

1.  Get Some Type Of Planner

I don’t care what you use, just get one.  It can be your iPhone, Palm Pilot, hand written binder type, or whatever rocks your boat.  You just need something that has a calendar on it, with a ton of space for writing stuff on each day, and preferably, each hour.  For instance, a written planner that has 2 days worth of space per page with each hour hashed out is what I have specifically in mind.  I know most smart phones and PDA devices can get quite fancy with all the bells and whistles.  However, it is not needed. 

2.  Plan Out Each Week and Each Day

 Once you have that much needed planner, it’s time to actually use it!  Now, this is where so many people start to really dread life, but you have to get in the habit of planning out what you are going to do each hour, not only each day.  The important take home message here is that you need to see in plain black and white writing (or typing) how much time you are wasting each day. 

You need to be pretty detailed here, especially when you are first starting out, as in accounting for each hour from the time you wake up until you go to sleep.  It may seem tedious, but this type of attention to detail will set a good base for your time management discipline.  Then, as you start to make it a habit, you can start to plan out several days in advance, and even start to plan out your whole week on Sunday evening.

3.  Keep Yourself Accountable

Finally, once you write down your goals and/or tasks for the next day or week….follow through with them!  The whole reason you started to keep track of your time in the first place is to take control of your time and be more productive.  If you are super type A, like myself, I suggest putting a check next to the item once you have completed it or just line it out.  One less thing you have to do for that particular day:).   Otherwise, you can just make a mental note upon completion of each item.  Either way, you are getting the satisfaction of control over your time and life once again. 

So by now, I hope that you have started to at least entertain the idea of making time in your busy life to become a better person than you are as you read this post.  I know that I try to wake up each day a different person than the day before.  Different as in more educated and more humble, realizing how little I actually know.   And I am only able to to do this because I literally account for each hour of each day.  I have to, or I would be lost, wasting an incredible amount of time.

Ok everyone, I think that is about it for now.  Until next time…

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