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December, 2009 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

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The Power Of The Penny

The Power Of The PennySo we have all heard it from the time we started working, “You need to be saving for retirement!”  Our mothers, fathers, friends, and co-workers have always said it.  But who ever shows us how to do it? 

Well, the sad truth is that nobody really does.  But that can’t be an excuse for you to keep putting it off time and time again.  Actually, that is about the worst thing you can do because of a little thing called compound interest

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Keep The IRS Out Of Your Pocket

So I have been meaning to make this video for awhile, and I was glad to finally get it finished.   I will let the video do most of the explaining, but it is a quick illustration of how investing in retirement accounts, such as traditional IRAs and 401ks, give you a nice little tax break.

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How To Step Out Of Debt

Debt Sure it isn’t too bad when you are out with your friends on that shopping spree and decide to buy that $100 jacket, or you are in the electronics section and just have to buy that new flat screen TV.  “I’ll just put it on my credit card, and pay it off later” you tell yourself. 

Then, one month down the road, you are hammered with a massive credit card bill, and no way to pay it off.  You just keep doing balance transfer upon balance transfer.  It will ultimately go away somehow, right?  WRONG! 

This is just the typical case that I get approached with time after time, and people want to know what to do.  Well, the simple answer is that they need to fix the underlying problem, which is to get a grip on their debt.   But I want to give you some tools that I have used successfully in the past.

These are 5 great ways to help you step out of debt, and get control of your spending problems.

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3 Steps To Lowering Your Credit Card Interest Rate

3 Steps To Lowering Your Credit Card Interest Rate

So it’s pretty much right in the middle of the holiday season and buying Christmas presents is probably on most everyone’s mind. Along with purchasing all of those must needed gifts comes the dreaded question, “How am I going to pay for this?”

Well if you are like thousands of people around the world, you will probably be using that “magic” little plastic card. But with the recent economic recession and credit crunch affecting everyone, many people’s credit card interest rates have sky rocketed in addition to their credit limits being slashed. It is what I like to call “the double whammy”, and I know that it has happened to me. If you do not know, this can adversely affect your credit score in a major way. But I want to arm you with 3 easy steps to help you fight for a lower interest rate.

So without further delay, let’s get right to it. For starters…..

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